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Announcment to all Star Wars fans
From: [email protected] (George Lucas)
Newsgroups: rec.arts.sf.starwars.misc
Subject: Announcment to all Star Wars fans
Date: Thu, 15 Jul 1999 05:42:21 GMT
Organization: Lucasfilm, Ltd.
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Summary: Things I will do in the future
Keywords: George Lucas drives a hot rod (that's actually not true)
Dear Fans of Star Wars,

As some of you may know, I have been posting a few messages to Star Wars-related Usenet newsgroups in an effort to reach out to the fan base. I would like to thank those of you who responded with your wonderful ideas, and to all who have made Star Wars: Episode 1 The Phantom Menace such a success.

The hours I have spent on the internet each day these past few months have paid off. Did you know that on the internet you can carry on a conversation with someone halfway around the world, as if you were both in the same room? You might want to take some time out and read up on what a huge phenomenon the internet is--it's quite amazing.

I am making a big announcment regarding the upcoming prequels, and where better to make it than in the science fiction-like fantasy world of the internet? So here goes.

I am happy to announce that Star Wars: Episode 1 The Phantom Menace SPECIAL EDITION will be out in theaters September 16. Thanks to the latest work being done at Industrial Light and Magic, I can finally make Star Wars: Episode 1 The Phantom Menace the way I really imagined it. Reshooting is almost finished--over 45 minutes of footage was reshot for the special edition. The most exciting development is a new CGI model of Natalie Portman, which now replaces every shot of the actress in the movie. Don't worry, Natalie Portman fans--she will still play the role of Queen Amidala in the next prequel. This will allow ILM technicians to use her presence to develop the light sourcing and motion control of the CGI version of her character. Then the CGI model will be inserted overtop Natalie Portman. The character's voice will be supplied by a state-of-the-art THX-certified voice synthesizer, capable of producing every variance and inflection and nuance of Natalie Portman's actual voice.

Although it is a bit early, because I have only five pages of screenplay written, I am also ready to announce a tentative release date for the next prequel. It is March 12, 2002. That is a Saturday, I believe. The special edition of Episode 2 is scheduled for an August 26 release date.

Finally, I have decided to change the title to the first prequel. It will now be known as Star Wars: Episode 1 A Phantom Menace. This was the title I always intended to use, and thanks to new developments in special effects and repackaging processes, I can finally give this movie the name I had originally planned to use forty years ago.

Your feedback is important. I want to know what my fans are thinking, so that I can tailor my message to be its most influential. I would like you, the fans, to have a say in the title for the upcoming Star Wars: Episode 2. Here are the selections you can choose from:

  • Clash of the Lightsabers
  • Enter: Lobot
  • Darth Victory
  • The Delightful Queen
  • The Touch of a Master
  • Anakin Skywalker's Day Off
  • One Thousand Clones of Yoda
  • Getting Down and Dirty
  • That Special Smile
  • Love, Exciting and New
  • Jedi Dancing
  • A Flash of Blades
  • Climax Over Coruscant
  • Men Loving Men: The Jedi Engagement
  • I Feel Good!
  • Tatooine Summer
  • Jabba Jedi Judo
  • Tarkin Fights Back
  • Making it Happen
  • We Are the Champions, My Friend
  • The XXX Factor
Please let me know which one you would like to be used for Star Wars: Episode 2. Alternate entries will be rejected.

Thank you for giving me this opportunity to interact with you over the internet.


George Lucas