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Re: I'm in a Christmas mood
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Subject: Re: I'm in a Christmas mood
Date: Tue, 14 Dec 1999 15:40:43 -0600
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Summary: I will beg and plead to make you like me
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Mark A. Brown wrote in <[email protected]>:

George Lucas wrote in message ...

as a favor to the fans I will answer a single question with complete honesty. Any kind of question about me or my Star Wars saga may be asked.

Will we ever see a female Sith? (One of my feminist friends was ranting to me earlier, and I agree.) I know there was a Sith Witch sketched as an early draft for Maul, maybe she could turn up.

"Always explaining, never explained."

Mark A. Brown, you are the winner of the one question I have decided to answer on rec.arts.starwars.misc as a show of support for this newsgroup. I hope this one answer has filled your day with joy and led to great changes in your life.

The concept of a "Sith Witch" was indeed first dreamed up by my former woman friend, Janine, as a role that she herself would play in Star Wars: Episode 1. She even gained forty pounds to play the part as she envisioned it. However, I have not been allowed to speak or write to Janine for several weeks, and I have abandoned the concept of a "Sith Witch".

That said, my determination to pander to every minority audience in existence is serious and real. Star Wars: Episode 2 will feature a cast screened by the Modern Language Association, Jesse Jackson, Andrea Dworkin, and specially chosen representatives of the "large", gay, dyslexic, other-abled, and Scientologist communities. Maya Angelou will rewrite every scene. Finally, the resulting movie will be specially test-screened before audiences who laughed during the movie "Dogma".

Maybe there won't be a Sith Witch, Mark A. Brown, but there will be so many other token female and minority characters that I'll bet you don't even notice! Wow! Even I can't wait!

May the Force be with you,

George Lucas