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Re: Dear Mr. George Lucas, please read, imperative!
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Subject: Re: Dear Mr. George Lucas, please read, imperative!
Date: Mon, 14 Jun 1999 04:05:19 GMT
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Summary: I'm pretty rich
On Sun, 13 Jun 1999 18:18:53 GMT, * LOLA LAFONSOULTRAINE!! ya baby! * <[email protected]> wrote:

Dear Mr. George Lucas

I have just witnessed your EPIC porpotion of a movie, Phantom Menace, on Saturday with a nice guy. I don't go on many dates, but your movie was an exception to the rule. I truely truely truely hope from the bottom of my heart and soul that you come in this newsgroup for I TRUELY BELIVE I have something important to share with you Mr. George Lucas. I also believe you may be heavily into computers so I PRAY that you see this out of pure luck. I believe it is possible you may come in this newsgroup to gather several essential veiw-points on your very very very SPECIAL movie!

Dear Young Lady,

Thank you for your very thoughtful and flattering message. I am glad you have enjoyed Star Wars: Episode 1 The Phantom Menace. All involved in the movie's production did the very best we could to make it an entertaining experience.

Your suggestions for roles in the next movie are appreciated and I will get back to you once we make a decision on this. I enjoy corresponding with the fans of my movies, which is why I spend an unprecedented 10 hours a day monitoring Usenet, web page message boards, and the like. Usually I only lurk (I'm quite shy) but I felt compelled to respond to your vivacious, energetic message.

I can't say too much about Episode 2 at this time, because frankly many of the decisions have not yet been made and I've only just begun writing the script! I can tell you however that Episode 2 will be exploring mostly gay themes. That avenue of human experience has always been particularly interesting to me, and there isn't much science fiction or even space opera that has really delved into it. I hope this doesn't disappoint you or anyone else; I still want to keep Star Wars an accessible, kid-friendly, all-audiences type of story. I promise to be very careful to explore gay themes in a responsible, tasteful manner, and there will be alot of other things to enjoy. For example, more droids! I love droids. :-)

Please feel free to write again with other suggestions for my movie. Again, thank you for all the wonderful things you had to say, and for everything else that wasn't quite wonderful but still very nice.


George Lucas