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Re: I am NOT George Lucas
From: [email protected] (George Lucas)
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Subject: Re: I am NOT George Lucas
Date: Sun, 30 Jan 2000 02:08:43 -0600
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ymenard wrote in <[email protected]>:

"George Lucas" <[email protected]> wrote
My name is Jett and I am George Lucas' son. Do not tell me my name is gay. I already know that, right? Just leave me the fuck alone.
Your not even on the level of Troll. You are worst than Troll. Your a Troll wannabee. Your a Padawan Troll. You are a Troll-in-trainee.

You totally ruined your whole attempt (which is very poor) after _only_ your fourth word, by actually thinking in your cool world.. "uhh huh uhhu huhuhuhuhuuhh it would be cool to uhh huu waste time of my life by posting on a Starss Whar newsgroup like if I was uhh hu you know George Lucas".

it's JET, not JETT.

I feel sorry for your parents.

-- eh
-- Fran�ois M�nard <ymenard>
-- May the Downforce be with you...

Whoa! D00d does not know shit from shinola. It is Jett, baby, and as gay as it sounds it is the name my crazy biological parents gave me. Hey, better than Fran-SWAH, which I won't even delve into although the french are all known to be cock smokers.

Hey, bitch, I am the son of George Lucas. Dad goes around telling everyone I came up with Jar Jar's name. Man, I must have been stoned out of my mind. Well, this is to cut the bullshit and let everyone know I think Jar Jar SUX and by the way I think maybe Fran-SWAH is looking for a little Jar Jar action ifyaknowwhutImeanandIthinkyoudo.